A good little kit to help you jump start in the world of mechanical keyboards. Unfortunately, it won't be as easy to start like this in relationships.

Key Product Features: 

  • 60% mechanical keyboard with RGB backlight
  • Hot Swappable with flexibility to change switches without soldering
  • Multiple avenues for customization
  • Option between wired or bluetooth 3.0
  • Material options between ABS and Aluminium
  • App available for customization and firmware update
  • Kit comes with casing, mounting plate, plate mounted stabilizers and PCB
  • Accessories included: Keycap puller, switch puller, detachable USB-C cable
  • To complete the keyboard, you would only need to install your switches and keycaps of choice


GK61X 60% Keyboard Hot Swappable DIY Kit

  • http://www.jikedingzhi.com/downloadlist?driverID=41latest