Rest your hands on some good wood. You've thoroughly deserved it, the trees not so much.


Key Product Features

  • 100% Natural Rosewood
  • Build to order, customized dimensions available
  • Hand cut and sanded smooth
  • Lacquered finish
  • Each wrist rest is individually crafted, so there will be different wood grain patterns on each rest 
  • Accessories included:  sandpaper and polishing cloth


Details and Specifications

Model Rosewood Wooden Wrist Rest
Material Rosewood
Dimensions (Standard)

Length: 30cm, 36cm

Width: 7.6cm

Thickness: 2.0cm (inclusive 0.2cm rubber mat)  - 1.3cm (inclusive 0.2cm rubber mat)

Edge Curved
Polished Yes
Lacquered Yes


Build to order requires 2 weeks crafting lead time


Rosewood Keyboard Wrist Rest